Fall Thrift Haul

Today, I had a few hours to kill while waiting to pick up my pup from the groomers. I decided to head to Value Village since I had a 30% off coupon. Last night I did some online shopping and quickly realized how expensive retail clothing is even when there is a sale. Not wanting to spend $120 on a few dresses, I abandoned my shopping cart and made a mental list of the things I wanted. We all know how much I love thrift shopping, but lately I don’t feel like wasting hours digging through mountains of junk. Shocking. I know. Today, with time to waste and coupon in hand, I found myself with a good excuse to browse the endless racks at VV.

First, I noticed while looking through my fall/winter wardrobe I was missing a lot of dresses. To be honest, my summer wardrobe is also missing a lot of dresses. This year I’ve been getting rid of quite a lot of ‘things’. A lot of my ‘things’ just happen to be clothing. I wanted a red dress, and other fall-ish items to fill the gaps in my current wardrobe. I was surprised to find two dresses that fit that bill. Zara collection knit navy dress I love this Zara collection dress. It looks brand new, and has pockets! The tweed fringe and high neckline are right up my alley. It was $6.99 after discount. Zara collection navy tweed knit dressRed and blue flower thrifted dress from winnersThe second dress is a brand I recognize from Winners. It’s nothing special except for the fact that it’s red with a really pretty print and in new condition. Which was on my mental wish list. I really like the high, keyhole neckline on this one too. It was $5.94 after discount.

These next two items are my favourite finds. Black leather boots from Zilian. They are hardly worn! There is a zipper down the back which gives them a floppy look, or can be worn zipped up. The leather is buttery soft. They were $11.89 after discount.Zilian black leather bootsDrake general store cabin blanket navy I’m a sucker for anything from Drake General Store. I found this grey cabin blanket for $6.99 after discount. It’s currently selling on the site for $68. Grab one for yourself here: Drake General Store Cabin Blanket

Lastly is something I didn’t really need or was looking for. I picked up this Billabong laptop bag because it was $1.99 ($1.39 after discount) and I love the woven print and a great deal! Billabong laptop bag All in all, I spent $38.18 total and saved $14.25 with my 30% off donor card. Not exactly what I had abandoned in my online shopping cart but I’m happy with the start of my fall wardrobe!

The Luck of The Thrift Shop

Over the weekend, I stopped into one of my favourite Frenchys locations. I found a few cute things and lots of great name brands. I had a full basket but it just wasn’t my day. Nothing looked right, fit right or really matched my style (it’s easy to stray from your style when sweaters are only $4.75). After an hour or more, I walked away with one thing, this Wildfox tank top.

Top 60 Thrift Blogs to Follow in 2018

… and I’m one of them! What? View the full list here: Top 60 Thrift Blogs to Follow in 2018.

Top thrift blogs to follow 2018

When I’m not thrifting, or hunting for my next bargain, I’m working full time in search marketing. So, I feel a little swell of pride that I’ve been able to rank my little baby blog in any list. Thanks for all you mystery people checking out my finds, and for being interested in the stuff that sometimes grosses other people out.

Frenchy’s, Goodwill & Salvation Army Finds

Over the past few weeks I’ve stopped by a few thrift stores. First was Frenchy’s while visiting my grandmother in Weymouth. I found a Madewell silk blouse for $3.95 and a Kipling one strap, drawstring purse for $1.25! Small but mighty scores. Kipling oxygen drawstring purseYesterday I swung by the Salvation Army and picked up this GAP, indigo denim wrap dress for $11.99. I don’t usually thrift GAP clothing because honestly, I can’t resell it. But this dress was really nice. Soon my wardrobe will be 100% denim and I won’t be mad. Madewell pink silk blouse Although I’ve made many promises to myself that I wouldn’t thrift anymore mugs, I had to pick up this Starbucks one. I just had to. It was 99 cents and double walked so no burnt hands! How can you turn down that deal?Starbucks metal mug 2017 Lastly I ran into Goodwill real quick to take a peek. I found a VELVET military jacket for $8.99. Jackets are something else I don’t need more of (insert excuse here) I got it anyway. At least it has good resell value. VELVET military green jacket The last thing I got, again, do I really need this, was a Disney Parks authentic woven sun hat ($3.99). I’m a sucker for Disney Parks merch. I’ve got a few Disney trips planned in my future. I’m sure one will include this hat Disney parks authentic woven hatIt was pretty smooshed, all I had to do was wash it, stuff the hat to keep its form, spray it with starch spray (think hairspray for garments) and then lay flat to dry. Good as new!

Total: $31.93 tax incl.

Surprises at Value Village

I’m not normally a fan of thrift shopping at Value Village. I mostly wear dresses and VV is double the price of Frenchy’s. I tend to stick to browsing the nick knacks and praying for Pyrex finds.

Since I’ve been purging a lot of my clothing over the past couple of months, I’ve whittled my dresses down to what I feel like is none. I thought I would browse the dresses, just incase. Half way through I felt like giving up. Nothing in my size, and I didn’t know what I was looking for. Not to mention everything was ugly or overpriced and from Old Navy. I saw a homemade vintage dress for $49!!! Insane. Shameful! I just wanted to leave. There was nothing for me. Because I was trying to kill time, I started looking through the next smaller size. That’s when I hit the jackpot. Although I’m a loooong way off from a size small, I found two small dresses that fit me. Umm.. hello vanity sizing.

I love this first one, denim and white leopard print might not be for everyone, but it embodies everything I love! It’s by the brand Dex and was $7.99 plus 30% off. Thrifted dex denim and leopard dress

Next I found this Aritzia dress that I had already purchased before from a consignment shop. I believe it was regularly $130 or something, I paid $80 secondhand (it was new with tags and I thought it said $60) eventually I consigned it back to them. An easy sale. So, for $14.99 plus 30% off I thought I could at least reconsign it. It’s burnt out velvet, swing style.Burnt out velvet Aritzia dressLastly I found a cute Pete’s Frootique reusable tote bag. It was .69 cents plus 30%. I actually already had the little pouch it folds down into. I didn’t take a picture because who cares!

Yard Sale Season is Here

Yard sale season is finally here, and I saw a post on Instagram that there was a community street sale near me. It’s so much better to yard sale when there’s a larger group participating, you can walk from one cute front step to the other. Since I found out about this yard sale on Instagram, here is my instastory photos of my haul!

I ended up getting a few things for free like the microwave popcorn maker, which I’ve been wanting, and a white ceramic lantern that will look cute on my balcony. I was also given a local print that was made for Nocturn a few years ago, and have always liked it. I was more than happy to take one. My total yard sale spend was $22.25. I paid $10 for the WILCO tour poster in frame, $5 for all the lovely Eco-friendly bric-a-brac, $5 for the metal clothes drying rack (pictured but hard to see because it’s boring) .25 cents for the Christmas Starbucks mug, and $2 for the floating frame to put my free print in.