Don’t you step on my new thrifted blue suede shoes

Felt the urge to thrift today, here is the favourite out of the three items I picked up. Baby blue Cynthia Rowley suede Loafers. I almost left these behind, but they were new, unworn and $4.50. I love loafers on other people and now I love them on me! 


Quick Value Village Thrift Trip 

I really wanted a large wicker plant pot. I’ve visited IKEA a lot lately since it opened, and every time I eye ball the wicker pots and every time I walk away empty handed. It’s something I don’t really need, so I don’t feel like I can spend $30 on it. $2.99 is right around what I want to spend.  This is probably a waste basket but repurposing is one of my favourite things!I also bought this cute little ‘makers of wax goods‘ candle. I’ve been burning a lot of candles lately too, so for $1, why not. Their candles are nice.

Saturday Thrift Shopping Adventures

I went thrifting to kill some time this weekend and try to boost my fall/winter wardrobe. I only found one item worth bringing home, but I love it. This Henri Bendel Classics 100% merino wool 3 quarter length cropped sweater. $3.99What I left behind and regret is this mid-century modern looking record cabinet. I’m going to try and go back for it Monday.. but I totall regret not buying it right away. We all make mistakes. Cross your fingers for me 

New to You 

I moved into a condo building recently and in one of the common spaces there is a ‘New to You’ shelf. I love leaving stuff I don’t want, but I also love checking out what other people have left behind. One of my favourites is this Umbra picture frame from the prisma collection. Umbra picture frame prisms collection I filled it with photos of my trip toEl Cosmico

Thrift in Use

I bought these Minnetoka moccasins at Frenchy’s the last time I was there (along with a couple other items I’ll post later). I took these slippers camping with me this past weekend and I love them. I love moccasins, and have a pretty great collection, but I’ll always welcome more! Especially when they’re $2.75.Minnetonka moccasinsMinnetonka moccasins

Thrift with Purpose

It’s been a long, tiring week. One of those weeks when you reach the end and you’re like… who am I? Where am I? What’s going on? That being said, I needed to get back to my roots. My thrifting roots! I got off work early and headed straight to the thrift store. I’ll be moving soon, and have been trying to live simply, meaning less clutter. This is hard for a thrifter. It feels like two different ideals fighting against each other. That’s why I try to be really picky with my purchases. This trip I found a lot of nice stuff but only picked up one piece of clothing.This H&M swing dress is like new and although it’s fast fashion, I really liked the pattern and how new it is. I also picked up a canvas tote for grocery shopping and these cute carved wooden spoons. My total was $11.