Thrifty Friday

maxi copy

Ya Los Angeles

This halter style maxi dress was new with tags. This Spring I’ll be happy I bought it, for $10 I’ll thank myself later.  If only I  could wear it now!  Come back summer!

detail jcrew copy


This JCrew silk dress was only $2 because it was marked as a blouse, and blouses were on sale today!  Originally, it was at MAKENEW, a curated thrift shop on Agricola St. for $48.  Another Spring item, but $2 JCrew cannot be left behind.

dresses copy

Here is another Spring dress I thrifted last week.  It was on sale for $3.50.  Again, another dress marked as a blouse but I don’t mind.  Keep them coming! I love the tiny flower and criss-cross detail.  Also, the black and white is right up my alley.

tops copy

Lush // Hurley // Joe // Cotton On

All these cute tops were $2 each today.  If you could be in love with a garment, this gold, crushed velvet tank from Joe would be my soul mate.  It’s basically new, and basically perfect.  The story I’ve made up to go along with it is that last Christmas season, someone bought it to wear to a Christmas party and It was never worn again.  Lucky for this little beauty I am crazy for velvet this season, and will be wearing it like it’s my job.  The peplum shirt is from Cotton On.  I know that’s a cheap-ish store in the states, but I never did the peplum trend, thought I might give it a try.  This one actually looks cute on, and it’s black.  Can’t lose.  The greenish tank is Hurley.  It’s cut really interesting with a long front and the back dips really low.  The long tunic is Lush, it’s my favourite colour and perfect for this legging season we are in.

All in all, success has been had at the thrift today!


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