Zara Pumps


 My latest thrift haul only consisted of these Zara pumps.  I’ve been thrifting a lot of heels lately, and it got me thinking… does anyone even wear heels these days? They don’t seem practical for life, at least these skinny heels and who ever owned these before me must have felt the same way, they’re hardly worn.  These are from the Spring/Summer collection 2013, and were only $12.  Again, Zara isn’t in Nova Scotia, so when I see it at the thrift store I want it.  I rationalize it by:

1. It’s cheaper than at the store (duh)

2. Someone paid the importing fee.  By that I mean, they ordered it online, or bought it in another province and drove/flew it home.

Either way  – I’ve been seeing these strappy heeled shoes styled on a lot of blogs/vlogs and maybe someday I’ll get to style and wear them myself.  Or, the more likely case, they will rest beside my other heels and my feet will admire them from a safe distance.


2 thoughts on “Zara Pumps

  1. Joanne says:

    So pretty but not practical but who says we have to always be practical. However, they don’t look too comfortable and we should always be comfortable. But you won’t be walking much in these babies!


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