House hold Thrift

Not only do I love clothes thrifting, but I love thrifting household goods too.  Today I made good on both accounts.  It was 50% off skirts and dresses at the thrift store, so I quickly looked through those racks first.  I didn’t want to get sucked into the thrift store so I stayed away from none-sale racks.. is it just me, or can you lose a good chunk of your day thrifting? 


 I picked up this gap dress for $7.50, I liked it so much I was going to pay the full price. GASP. Not full price.  I think I could even winterize it and wear it now.  I’ll love myself for buying this dress come Spring/Summer time. 


 This Mexx skirt was only $1.50 and made of nice thick material.  Buying something like this skirt for $1.50 makes it really hard to shop retail prices.  Thrift shopping has ruined me for retail prices, even sale prices these days.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this.

The throw pillow cases are from Dwell Studio  $2 each.  A really great deal, these throw pillows will run you $69 online.  I like shopping the fabric section at the thrift store because you never know what you’re going to find mixed in.  Which brings me to the IKEA frabic I scooped up.  $5 bought me roughly two metres of this beauty.  Heavy weight great for re-covering stuff, or making tote bags.


Lastly, another pair of shoes!  I’m shoes obsessed, and I can be when they’re only 8 bucks.  At first I was thinking, Oh, you don’t need another pair of shoes.  Seriously? Yes.  Yes I do. Do you know how much shoes at the store cost?  I’ll give you a hint, more than $8.00   My thrifted shoe collection is steadily growing, which is making my small apartment feel smaller.  Currently I’m storing most of my shoes in my fire place, that’s #smallapartmentproblems right there.  The brand of shoe is BC,   you can find it online, Nordstrom, ModCloth, and probably winners.  Can’t lie, kinda in love.


Lastly.. a close up of my glass tea steeper.  Like the shoes, do I really need another way to steep my tea?  Same answer.  Uh, yuh. Yuh I do.  Last thrift haul I found a little WECK jar, which started a new side obsession, my WECK obsession. I love mason jars, any glass jar really.  These WECK jars are super cute, and come in so many different styles and sizes.  I love them. My favourite new store in the North End, Independent Mercantile Co., stocks them, making me love the shop even more.  I picked up this large jar today to transport my lunches to work.  Not thrifted, but still on the cheap.



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