A few of my favourite things

Over the past year I have picked up a few items that I love. You can’t always have a good day at the thrift store. Maybe it’s clothes, shoes or knickknacks.. There is always something good, you just have to have your eyes peeled and search it out.  Here are a few of my favourite thrifted items over the past year

House of Harlow boots, and white converse. Converse are some of my favourite things to thrift.  These were marked as children and $4

Leather jackets!  You always get your money’s worth on a leather jacket. $10-$15

I bought this handmade leather bag at a yard sale for $5. No labels, but the stitching suggest handmade.  I always get compliments on this when I tote it around.

Top photo is a Gap maxi dress that I bought on half price day, and haven’t worn yet.   The bottom is a JCrew shift dress I bought this past summer and love. One of those cases of who-would-donate-this-dress-it’s-perfect.  The bike necklace is also a thrift score and I love it too! You can always find a gem at the thrift store, these are Just a few of my favourites.


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