Huge thrift haul

I feel half ashamed at the size of this haul.  Only half because I went to four different thrift locations.. And I needed everything I bought.  Honestly, I just lost control from lack of thrifting and went over board.  That’s okay right? Let me jump right into it

The white lace sweater is new with tags from Macy’s, the camel beaded cardigan is JCrew.  It’s more for the winter but I loved it, only $4 so I needed it.  The next sweater with the sequence arms is Free People, which I never find thrifting and is my favourite clothing brand. The last cardigan is tagless, living a life of mystery.

My darker pick ups consisted of a Roxy shift dress. Which I had to wait for someone else to try on and throw back.  Forever 21 overhaul dress, tagless green sweater, JCrew long cardigan and my new favourite tank top made by Patterson J Kincaid.

I picked up this rose gold American Eagle watch at value village for $12.99 as well. Guess who loves it? Me.

I also bought two maxi dresses and a couple coloured tanks. This flowy top (Hang Ten) was too pretty and summery to leave behind. I’m thinking to throw over a sun dress when the snow melts?

Two more basics, camo thermal and  a grey t-shirt from asos.  There were a lot of asos items at one thrift store, lots new with tags.   The dark grey piece is an American Apparel dress new with tags. It has a bando top with straps that you can wear multiple ways, you know, that kinda dress. The cashier thought it was a skirt, so I scooped it up for $3.

Not clothing but this little earring stand answered all my prayers for small space organization. I hardly change up my earrings because I can’t see what I have.  This little baby is going to solve that problem. Did I mention it swivels too?  Thank you nameless person for donating this. I love it!


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