Second hand – Second hand 

Let’s get it out of the way, I’m spoiled. I know. In that spirit, here is a haul that my mom  thrifted for me while I wasn’t around. In the land of frenchies, I gave her a list of brands and sizes, things I wanted. Here’s what she came up with, a gold mine of J Crew and free people! 

This is the haul. Check out that denim jacket!  The jacket, grey tank and white tshirt are JCrew. She also picked up a black Burberry top, a French connection tank and free people long sleeve top and tights.

This is the Free People top and a pair of thermals that she picked up.  I never find Fp at the thrift store and my mom walks out with a complete outfit! 

The jacket in action. I’ve been wearing it everyday. 

You might have noticed the 100 burlap square  in the haul, it’s actually a tote!  Funny thing is I picked up a denim vest by FEED for Target the other weekend at Louis (I forgot to post it in that haul).  She also picked me up a pair of red converse for $3.50 not pictured here.  So how did she do? My mom is kinda the best.  


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