Consignment Shop Yard Sales

This post is loooong over due.  A couple weekends ago I made my way to a local consignment shop’s annual yard sale. I’ve never been to this kinda thing, and honestly didn’t know this was a thing.  Every year Crimson and Clover have a yard sale where they sell everything I’m assuming they haven’t sold during that year for $2 an item. Everything. Purses, boots, shoes, leather jackets, whatever they have.. It’s only a toonie. I made out like a bandit! I paid a total of $26 for everything posted here.   I didn’t need these leather and wooden heels but Stuart Weitzman for $2? Wait – Yes. Yes I did.Cole Hann Nike Air pumps .. I looked these up online and blew my mind marbles when I saw them posted (used) for $275. How much did I pay? Oh you know..Anthropologie sweater with this cute cut out detail.  I wouldn’t normally be drawn to this, but when things are super cheap it’s easy to branch out from grey and black. Plain H&M navy shift dress. It’s not much to look at, but it’s a good basic. Another H&M dress. This one’s a little more fancy and I haven’t worn it yet. I thought the bow and zipper on the back was cute so I picked it up It’s hard to take a nice photo of this dress, but I swear it looks better on. Banana Republic new with tags, I need to take it in a bit but for the price of $2 I don’t mind doing a bit of altering. It was difficult to get a shot of this dress as well, so I threw it on. Victoria Secret maxi  dress with back cut outs. It was hard to tell what this was at the sale, but it’s so soft, the colour is georgous, and it was long so I shoved it in my thrift bag without a second thought.Like most things I thrift, I don’t need this – but I kinda wanted a tiny purse with that chain strap detail.  This Nine West one can be converted by removing the strap (it’ snapped in by a button) and made into a clutch. Two for one! The Coach wallet I picked up at the Yard sale, the MAC makeup pouch I got at Value Village the following weekend, when I thought I would push my luck and try another consignment yard sale at Room 152.  It was so crazy there I didn’t pick up a thing.  Instead, we decided to cut our losses and hit up the Value Village.  I got that MAC pouch and a pair of Gap shorts. A small victory in the shorts department, but an overall thrift lost for the day.

Back to the yard sale, I also bought two dresses that didn’t fit. I sold one, and consigned the other

Oh, I happened to take photos of the yard sale mayhem after I was done shopping to show you.  I got there nice and early to avoid the crowd,  but I was far from being the first person there.


One thought on “Consignment Shop Yard Sales

  1. ElizNash says:

    It is hard to resist those crazy bargains, isn’t it? A hospice shop around here does something similar–seasonal clearouts that go from 50% off to everything for a buck to a buck a bag. And they have nice stuff–long wool herringbone tweed coat, Eileen Fisher jacket, $1 each. So fun!

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