Thrifting with Repurpose 

Thrift stores can be so much more than just a place to pick up second hand clothes. Like I’ve mentioned before, I tend to get a lot of my household goods there too. You need a vase?  They have 50. You need a frame? They got 25. You need it, the thrift store’s got it.  It’s like that Little Mermaid song every time I walk in… “…I’ve got whosits and whatsits galore, you want thingamabonbs? I got twenty”  I’m currently combing my hair with a fork…

So recently, I’ve been thinking I wanted to pick up some baby cactus. I see them all over the place, Pinterest, Vlogs, Blogs. I love that South West vibe. Gotta have it in my life. I’m not suggesting getting plants at the thrift store, but what I am suggesting is you can find interesting plant pots there. They don’t necessarily even need to be your stereotypical plant pot.  Anything that strikes your fancy and can hold dirt! 

 I just happened to have some empty candles jars that I was using to store makeup items. (formally Bed and Body Works thrifted candles.  I’m all about thrifting un-used candles).  They turned out to be perfect new homes for my cactus babies! 

I picked up a bag of dirt, and rocks from my driveway along with some beach rocks I had laying around and lined the bottom of the glass jars  with them. I covered the rocks with dirt and popped in my plants –  Presto!  Old candle jars given new life as plant pots.   

Thrifting is all about reducing, reusing and keeping items out of the landfills (while providing people with super fashionable, affordable treasure hunting) and I thought this was a great example of repurposing something that might otherwise end up in the trash. 


3 thoughts on “Thrifting with Repurpose 

  1. hstaton12 says:

    Okay, the recycled candle/planter idea is genius. I’ve been wanting to put some plants on our front porch and around the house, but have been too cheap to buy cute flower pots. But I love this. Definitely going to look for some old candles/anything else that could be made into a cute planter next time I’m out!


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