The Last Thrift of May

I wasn’t planning on thrifting this past week, but when you go some place and there’s a Value Village near by, you tell yourself “…just a quick browse.” That’s what I did. I went in looking for something, a lamp I think. I didn’t find one that I liked but guess what? Surprise! I found other things! I finally found a panini press. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one for a while. I know I’m only going to use it a couple times and be over it but for $5.99 I can do that. Second hand appliances might not be everyone’s thing, but if you clean it properly, I don’t see a problem. Maybe I’m wrong, but check this outI’m not a panini pro yet, but I’m getting there.  It also coverts into a grittle.  Two in one, which can be very handy in a tiny apartment like mine.

I also picked up this dish cloth, it was $1 so why not. I do love boxed wine. I’m sure it was a wine promo, but I thought it was cute and you always need dishcloths right?

My favourite thing I found, a little surprising to me, but I kinda love it, is this Neff watchI love finding watching at the thrift store, I think they’re my favourite accessory at the moment. It was $5.99 and worked when I popped in a new battery so win win! Here ends thrifting for May. Can’t wait to see what June brings!


2 thoughts on “The Last Thrift of May

  1. mrsehollands says:

    WOW!! That panini press is such an amazing find! That’s worth nearly 100$ here! I can’t believe what an amazing deal you got with that. So awesome..We actually bought our bread maker second hand at Value Village too. I think it was 5 or 6$….You can find such amazing appliances there.

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