A Weekend in Review 

I know you can’t win them all, but I’m still disappointed when I go somewhere expecting to find a thrift gem and come home empty handed. This happened to me Saturday at a bloggers yard sale. I went to a sale where five or six local bloggers got together and threw a “yard sale.” There was so many beautiful pieces to purchase but not what I was looking for. Even though I came up with nothing, it was still fun!

Next, I checked out a thrift store in the North End. I haven’t been to this Sally Ann in a long time, it’s nicer than I remembered and found a couple things.

 I didn’t need these Estée Lauder makeup bags but the pattern was too pretty, they are new and I needed a bag that would fit my brushes while traveling. So I guess I did need them! Both were $1.  I also found this Chapers initial mug, it’s Christmas 2014 edition and a great addition to my alphabet mug collection! Yeah, I have a mug addiction. I picked it up for the low price of $1.

Value Village had a sale over this past week for Savers members.  All clothing and accessories 30% off. I picked up this denim Vero Moda dress and Gap sandals. Both for $12.  

    Since I bought a new dress, I took a couple dresses to the consignment shop. Something new comes into the closet, something old goes out. That’s the new mantra.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Review 

  1. hstaton12 says:

    Okay sorry for over-commenting. But I am loving your blog, and am jealous of that dress. I’ve been looking for something similar, but no luck yet! Awesome find!


    • Lesley Mailman says:

      No such thing as over-commenting! I didn’t know I was looking for something like that dress till I saw it. Now I’m seeing that style everywhere. Love when that happens 🙂 thank you for the blog love!


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