Trip Thrifting

I’m hopping on a plane and taking a little trip in a couple of days, so of course this calls for new clothes right? In true frugal fashion I headed to the thrift shop. First, bringing some unwanted things to donate.   I found some awesome things, but only went home with a couple of them.


I didn’t get a good photo of this black Kenneth  Cole leather jacket, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I left it. It quickly found its way into someone else’s basket.  This scarf was a little too small for my wall tapestry idea, but it was so pretty. Sadly, another leave behind.

What I did end up taking home was this Zara Woman dress, it was $6.99 and from Zara’s Spring collection a couple years ago. I’m crazy about it. I mean, check out that lace detail. 

I picked up this Mexican blanket because it was only $3. I couldn’t leave it behind. I hope this isn’t the start of a blanket collection. If that can be a thing.

I was actually searching for a picture frame, so next stop, Value Village! You know what? I didn’t find one, but I found a couple other things.

A wall tapestry! Hurray! Okay, more like a big scarf, but who cares. I wanted a solid, vibrant scarf, couldn’t find one large enough so I settled on this for $2.99. It’s draped over a canvas, but I’m planning on putting it up full length.

I was hunting for a bucket bag, but I couldn’t pass up this Phillip Lim for Target brief case style purse ($7.99). The clasp was a little loose, nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix. Shout out to super glue!

I didn’t find everything I was looking for but left with some unexpected gems. All in all, a successful weekend thrift haul!


13 thoughts on “Trip Thrifting

  1. rodwill1707 says:

    Great pickup, we call it op shopping in Australia, the shortened version of opportunity shops. We take our 88 year old mum op shopping every Tuesday and she buys too many books and LP’s for her aged care facility so we have to recycle some when she is not looking. its a wonder she hasn’t brought some of the same ones twice. Love your passion for the bargain, obviously a world wide thing.


    • Lesley Mailman says:

      I grew up calling it “opp shopping” but when I moved away from the country and to the big city I found value villages and salvation armies. The “thrift shop” was born! The story about your mom made me laugh, I feel like that will be me (hopefully) in my older years.


  2. mrsehollands says:

    WOW!! These are such AMAZING finds 😀 You are so uber lucky. I love finds like this. My best finds end up being fabric fortunately/unfortunately. I especially love the dress and purse.

    Liked by 1 person

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