Savers Super Sale 

Last week I went to Value Village for their 50% off Canada Day Saver’s club member sale. Double the savings? You bet your butt I’m there. I spent a good chunk of my day searching all the racks for those things I just couldn’t live without. I didn’t end up with much but my total savings was $20.50. Not too bad right? It’s not that there isn’t a million nice things to pick up, it’s that I have recently come to terms with the fact that I don’t need anything. This realization has been forced on me since moving into a tiny apartment with a broom closet as my only storage. So here is what I picked up:  Victoria Secret work out top. It was $10 originally, so I got it for $5. The cheapskate that I am would not have paid $10 for a used work out top. 


 The next work out top I scooped up was this LuLuLemon tank. It was $8, so on sale day it was $4. Someone cut out the support bra in it, but whatever. I’ll wear it once, get my $4 worth and re-donate it if I don’t like it. A little pro tip I learned, if you have LuLuLemon clothing that is wearing out, they will accept it back at the store and issue you a gift card or replacement under their quality promise. I won’t be doing that with this tank, as it’s straight up altered, but as a side note, I did have a hoodie that the cuffs were fraying on and they reimbursed the original cost of the sweater, in gift card form. I picked up this cute local beer bar shirt that was hanging on the end of a rack. Someone must have decided against it and left it there. It was only $2 so with the sale, you get the idea, a buck. I like this bar so there was nothing to lose by picking this up.  This Jack by BB Dakota jacket was $4 on sale so I picked it up. You can’t go wrong with a $4 jacket. It needs a little ironing, but will be good as new! 

 This Eileen Fisher dress fits so amazing. Made from 90% organic cotton and 10% lycra it fits like a dream. She really does design clothing with shapes and fabrics that make getting dressed easier. A knee length t-shirt dress with sleeves? Welcome to my life. The dress was $6.50 on sale  Lastly, I picked up a non-sale item. This picture frame. I really like these clear frames and was thinking of framing some of my polaroid photos. Without a mat it’s prefect for whatever size picture you want. I also really like Umbra products for my home. The designs are always so funky. This frame was originally $15 on the website but I picked it up for the low low price of $4   Here it is in all its wall hanging glory. 


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