This is why we Thrift…

Eventually, you are going to find that Longchamp tote you always wanted for $2.50 and that is why we thrift!  I found this tote at Frenchy’s, it’s the only thing I bought at that location and when I got to the cash the woman said “Oh, I talked my daughter out of buying that.” Thank you! Thank you daughter of the woman working the cash at Frenchy’s, but how in the heck did you get talked out of buying a $2.50 Longchamp tote?  This leather and leopard pony hair shoulder bag marked M.London was $4.50. Made in the U.S.A. It’s lovely thick leather, vintage and I had to have it. It’s everything I wish my fashion sense was.      I picked up this Free People sweater at the second Frenchy’s. I think sweaters are around $4.50. Now that it is mine, I’m never talking it off.         

 Lastly, I picked up these Pantone tumblers. I was only going for the blue, but when I got to the cash, they were only 50 cents, so I why not indulge and buy both?   


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