Thrift Road Trip

This is the adventure of two best buds who not only like thrifting, we live for it. We will drive across the province for it. Stopping at nothing for a fantastic deal, we set out to hit as many Frenchy’s as we could in one day.  We only got to four, but we did some damage.  First, we hit up Frenchy’s in Coldbrook. I had never been, it turned out to be huge! I didn’t get a lot here, but I didn’t hunt that hard either.

I picked up this black velvet Vince dress. I’m really feeling velvet for the colder months. I mean who doesn’t enjoy the feel of velvet? That’s right. No one, but if you don’t. You’re a monster and you’re wrong. I will probably wear this to work any day of the week, because I’m classy like that. I tried on a couple JCrew jackets, this pea coat made the cut. $6 JCrew shortie pea coat? I’m not leaving that behind.  On that note, something I did leave behind was this velvet green JCrew blazer. It was a little too small, and it broke my heart. I also did not pick up the white Gap dress I have on. It was a touch too big. This is the curse of thrift shopping… You just get what you get. Things only come in one size. Don’t judge me too hard, but I picked up this fur laptop case. MacBooks need winter clothes too. It was $3, I can live with my poor choices for $3.   The last black thing I picked up at this stop was this vintage DKNY purse. This purse is my life. Doctor satchel style, faux croc print, can I just take a moment and day dream I’m fashionable enough to own this? I’m on the hunt for a black bucket bag, but I couldn’t leave this behind for $4.50. The next stop was Digby Frenchy’s. I found exactly what I was hunting for here… As well as a few things I was not.

This Anne Taylor faux fur collar cardigan is exactly what I was looking for. Yes, it may be ugly to you.. But I’m all about warm fuzzy things in the winter and fall. One man’s ugly faux fur sweater is another man’s favourite thing. I went back and forth over this JCrew sweater, it’s super thick material, with a zipper half way down the back, in my favourite colour. Heather grey! I went for it. Next, I bought this red blazer for work. Sorry I took such a wrinkly photo, but you get the idea. Do you know how hard it is to find nice red clothing? Harder than you think. This next item is super questionable, but hear me out! Vera Wang platform sneakers. I couldn’t leave them. I just couldn’t. I plan to wear them with completely black everything. They will blend right in, you won’t even notice. They’re so ugly they just might work. Stephanie talked me into them. Blame her for my fashion mistakes. The last thing I picked up were these Victoria Secret tights. I like their tights, good for winter and just chilling. So, why not. Side note, the rug in this photo was picked up at the first Frenchy’s. The next stop was to a funny coloured Frenchy’s across the highway in Digby. Which, I have been educated on, are the first Frenchy’s.  It was kinda sketchy, but I found some things, and it was cheaper than the other stores. I spent $13 here total.

I found this wrap dress, originally from Nordstorm, I can’t remember the brand. It’s 100% silk and 100% lovely. Look how class I am. Someone give me an adult job.Here is another shot of that amazing Native print rug I picked up at the first stop. I had to buy this red plaid Ralph Lauren button up. Fall is all about red flannel in my mind, and pumpkins. It’s official fly fishing wear, so says the tag, and I’m into that.This next sweater photographs not so well. Maybe it doesn’t look good on either, but it’s fuzzy and I love it and it’s mine.  I picked up this Gap Body sleep top because it has bikes on it, it’s super soft and super cute. It was only $1.25. All criteria for me owning something. The last stop of the day was a big hit. We both spent the most money here. Steph bought $75 worth of goodness and I spent $50.

I hit up the sweaters pretty hard, it’s cold in my office all year round so sweaters are a must. First, this Kimchi Blue cartigan from Urban Outfitters.  So I am kinda bland. I like black, all greys and every colour of beige.. Here are my beige sweaters.  This Gap Body one is my favourite, we had a little Frenchy’s scramble over this one.   

So wrinkly. This last sweater is Anne Klien and did have a fur collar attached to it before it found its way to me. I’m sure it was hideous, but we all know now, how I feel about fur.

Nothing exciting here, my only piece of Free People clothing I found that wasn’t terribly ugly… I love Free People, but it’s questionable even for me sometimes.   Next are the two patterned pieces I picked up. Plaid because, I need that. The striped top is JCrew and just all class.   This last piece I was on the fence about. That fuzzy lining and encouragement from Steph made me get it. I’m not an Abercombie fan, but I am a soft fuzzy material fan. We know this. It’s a proven fact by now. It was only $6 so I suppose I can suffer through wearing this brand for the cheapness and fuzziness of it.  My current status: All set for fall!


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