Thrift Sale

Friday is always a sale day at the Sally Ann. This Friday, after a long week of work I decided to swing by last minute. It was half off all clothing, and super picked over. I still managed to pick up a couple things.. My total was $3.98. This first dress is Betsy Johnson Evening. I’m thinking ‘Night of the living prom’ for Halloween. 


Then I found this in the slip area, which I’m going to wear as a dress in the Sunmer after the million years of Winter we will have. I went back and forth on it, but it’s new, and what? Like a dollar? The brand is OXMO. Never heard of it, but now it’s mine.


Lastly, I found this super cute tea cozy, Indigo brand from Chapters. I love anything that comes out of Chapters. Of course my current teapot is too small to fit and get a proper photo, but how cute is that cable knit and pompom combo? I love the idea of my tea pot wearing a sweater… And now I’m crazy. 



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