Thrift Update

  I thrifted these boots from Value Village a couple weeks ago. They’re Nine West from the Vintage American line. I’d never heard of this collection but it sounded right up my alley. I hummed and hawed over the $14 price tag, but as you can see I went for it.  They’re super soft suede and in my favourite boot colour.   This purse isn’t really thrifted, but it’s second hand, so totally blog worthy. Sometimes I search on Kijiji for my favourite brands that I can’t afford to buy retail. I’m always on the look out for a new-to-me pair of Fryes. I see lots of boots I’d like to buy in sizes and prices that don’t fit me. This time I found this purse! Isn’t it beautiful? It was so affordable too. The woman I bought it from banged her head and needed stitches right before we were suppose to meet at her house. She left it outside with a note. How trustworthy and nice is that?   


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