Friday the 13th thrift score 

Friday was $2 day on specific items at the thrift store. Although I’m still actively trying to cut down on my clothing hoard, I can’t resist $2 thrifting. I just can’t.  I picked up only a couple items, but I’m pumped about them all.    Scarfs were $2 and I was attracted to this one because it looked big and blankety. Turns out it was a poncho scarf! The grown up, socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public and still somewhat look fashionable.     Next I found this Levi’s Orange Tab button up. I was so excited I can’t even tell you. I’ve been oogling tons of Levi’s lately, and it’s expensive. The new Orange tab line is redicously expensive. Too rich for my blood. Two dollars is more my speed.

Lastly, I bought a Oland’s Beer shirt. I told myself it was for my dad, but I know I’m going to keep it. I have a growing collection of thrifted local brewery shirts.   


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