thrifted starbucks mug and Hudsons Bay Comany tote bag

Last Thrift of 2015…

I feel a little sad thinking this will be my last thrift haul for 2015, but at the same time I can’t feel too down. 2016 is right around the corner and I know it’s going to be full of other people’s junk just waiting to become mine.

Today I lugged a bag of my unwanted clothing to the thrift store to eventually find its way into someone else’s wardrobe. While I was there, I thought I’d take a quick browse.

First, I spotted this Starbucks mug from a 2014 collection I had eye-balled at various Starbucks locations. For a dollar I was pretty into it. All the shapes are itched into the mug, along with the ‘Starbucks’ on the backside. I need another mug like I need a hole in the head, but I have a problem. A serious mug problem. I’ll deal with it in 2016.

 After finding the Starbucks mug I was feeling pretty hopeful on this thrift adventure, and soon stumbled upon this Mexican blanket. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I already have a couple Mexican blankets, but just look at it! It’s definitely the nicest one I’ve picked up. It’s my new favourite, and I can almost say for sure I won’t buy anymore. It was $4.99 and for that price I wasn’t leaving it behind.    Next, I moved onto the clothing and found this Joe Fresh sweater that’s still in stores. I know this because I looked at it on the weekend and wanted it. It was a much better price at the thrift store for a wallet busting $4.00    Lastly, I found this grey knit sweater. Originally from Aritzia, the brand is Babaton. I’ve been into Aritzia a lot lately, scoping out the Boxing Day sales, but never committing to purchasing anything. The half price of Aritzia is still pretty pricy for me. This sweater was a steal at $4.00.  It photographs horribly but drapes nicely on the body.      The thrift store doesn’t give out plastic bags, so often times I walk out with my thrifted goods in my arms. I love tote bags and use them daily for lugging stuff to work and whatnot. So, I decided to look through the totes at the front of the store and found this one. It might be my favourite thrift find of 2015!  Here it is, in all its wrinkled tote glory! A Hudson’s Bay Company tote. I love the Hudson’s Bay. It’s got that Canadian heritage history, it sells all the brands I love when and if I buy things retail and I’m a sucker for that iconic Hudson’s Bay three stripe Woolrich.  Did I mention it was free?

Although this is the last thrift haul for 2015, I think it’s one of my best! Curated nicely to fit my life and style.   


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