vintage thrifted woolrich three striped coat

Vintage Woolrich

I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I buy things at the thrift and never wear them. This isn’t one of those items. Actually, it’s the opposite. I bought this coat at Frenchy’s when I was a teenager and never wore it. I bought lots of vintage items when I was a teen. Vintage clothing interested me. It still does. That’s why I brought this coat back out! Vintage Woolrich. I think I initially bought this coat so many year ago because it reminded me of the Hudson’s Bay Coat.



3 thoughts on “Vintage Woolrich

  1. Calvin Moreau says:

    Hi Lesley. I love the way you detail your thrift shopping experience. I am glad you liked my Rainbows End story. I am curious about what you liked most about it, the history, the current trend in thrift, or something I don’t even realize may be in the story.


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