Rose gold ray bans and thrifted pink sweater

Brand New Second Hand

When you pick something up at the thrift shop that still has tags on it, do you make up an excuse for why it’s there? I do. Everytime. My go-to story is someone got it as a present. The next likely story that pops into my head is someone got it on a really great sale and in the heat of the moment bought it, only for that item to sit in the back of the closet for months, never to be worn. This story makes sense because like this made up person, I’ve been guilty of doing that exact same thing.

I picked up a really nice scarf new with tags from H&M. Thank your mom or friend or whomever for gifting this scarf to you and thanks for donating it. It’s just what I wanted! How did you know?  It looks great with my new RayBans and Club Monaco fingerless gloves (Not thrifted). 


The next thing I found was a grey Gap long sleeve top. This top was also new with tags and I picked it up for $5. I’ve been guilty of buying things on sale at the Gap and never wearing them. So I’m not passing any judgement! It’s a pretty nice basic and in my favourite colour so hopefully I will get some wear out of it unlike its original owner.



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