inside brilliant consignment shop in halifax

Closet Clean Out 

Life is pretty hectic these days. With so many things going on, and limited time to get it all done, I’ve been obsessed with simplifying my life. That mostly consists of editing processions out of my life that aren’t useful or bringing me joy. Clothing plays a big part of that. This weekend I tried my luck at a consignment store downtown. I think it’s my new favourite place to consign my better brand clothing. It’s called Brilliant. It lives up to the name.  

  Just look at it. So beautifully curated with the best second hand clothing and accessories. They do a 50/50 split, send you an email inventory of what you consigned with them and give you the clothing back they don’t sell. You can’t get any better than that. The website outlines their consignment process as well as gives you a sample of brands they accept. Of course when I went in they were having a sale, I caved and bought a few items. I bought these leather Michael Kors knee high boots for $50. I finally gave in and bought black boots. I love them! They also had a $5 rack at the back of the store and I picked up these Lululemons for the gym.  I brought in seven items to consign today as well as two bags of clothing and household goods to the Salvation Army. Not to mention the 20+ items I took to the other consignment store last weekend. I would say this was a success in the life simplification process. I still have too much, but I’m slowly making a dent.




6 thoughts on “Closet Clean Out 

  1. ElizNash says:

    Totally with you. After 5 years or so of intense thrifting experiments with all sorts of colors, fabrics, patterns, etc., have hauled bags & bags & bags back from whence they came. Too little time to deal with it all, too little closet space, and just an uneasiness with having too much stuff–mental, emotional, and visual clutter. Back to the old formula: black (& gray), white, some bright colors. No regrets, though–had fun, learned a lot, didn’t spend much. And still love to thrift–but, like you, as a “thrifting minimalist.” Sometimes less really IS more.


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