Thrifting the Basics 

Last Friday I went to the Sally Ann. It was my day off and the thrift store is my relaxing place. Going there is like a little reward for making it through a very long work week. Granted, I still work on my days off, but it’s working from home. When I get to wear jogging pants in bed while working I feel like I’m winning at life. 

I picked up a really nice coat, that I haven’t photographed yet and this Tristan high waisted midi skirt. The material is beautiful, it’s lined, has pockets and the black has no fade. Buying black at the thrift store can be a real struggle. Most items are faded too much and therefore, to me, not worth buying. I love thrifting basics. I mainly wear solid colours in the beige, black, grey family but I’m drawn to lots of colour when I’m shopping. My brain thinks I’m getting value for my money when I buy patterns. I can’t explain it. Usually I would over look a black skirt at the thrift even though in my everyday life I would wear this more than any bold or patterned piece. The skirts currently on the Tristan site range from $96 – $125. My price? A cool six bones. 



One thought on “Thrifting the Basics 

  1. Frugal Living and Crafting says:

    The skirt you found is super nice! I love that style and I’d be really excited if I found such a great deal! I agree with you about it being hard to find black clothing at thrift stores. Although I do have better luck with pants, capris and skirts than I have with shirts. I find shirts are pretty difficult to locate. You sure hit the jackpot with that skirt though!

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