pendleton winter head band on girl

Weekend Thrift

This weekend I did the rounds to my local consignment shops. First I brought a few things to Brilliant. My new favourite shop. They can either consign your items at 50/50 or she will buy the clothing outright at 40%. This time she bought one of my shirts outright. Either option I’m good with. I just want my unworn, unwanted clothing out of my wardrobe. That is the end goal. Making money from it is the perk. With half of that newly acquired money I bought this maxi dress by Denim & Supply. Currently being sold at The Bay for a price I’m not willing to pay.   The dress came off the $5 rack and I was beyond stoked! You can’t beat a thrifted dress for $5 anywhere. Not to mention it’s one of my favourite brands and it has a fringe detail. Look out summer, I’m coming for you.

Next I went to Penelope‘s and consigned a few more items. I’m doing so good at whittling down my wardrobe. You’d be so proud. After that stop, I brought the rest to the Salvation Army. I wasn’t intending on shopping, but it was a sale day. A little look around couldn’t hurt right? I picked up this Wilfred top from Aritzia for half off. Now, this is where the story comes in. I bought one thing and left. I was happy, a Wilfred top for less than a cup of coffee? Yup, I was feeling good about my thrifty ways. About 20 minutes later I noticed I left my gloves in the changing room! Gloves I didn’t want to loose. Gloves worth going back for. I searched all over the store and eventually found them in a bin. During my search I also found this Pendleton headband. New with tags and 100% Merino Wool. I love this thing.                                                                       Wilfred top | $1.50                                                                 Pendleton headband | $2.99


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