racks of clothing at sample sale in halifax

Sample Sale

So, late last night I’m just minding my own business, when I get a notification on my phone telling me I have a new Instagram follower. I don’t think much of it, followers, whatever, who cares. Later on, I take a look and it’s a business in Dartmouth I’ve never heard of. The place is called Urbanbutter Creative Group Inc. They’re a brand development and distributor of different clothing companies. And guess what? They’re holding a sample sale tomorrow! Oh yes. I will be there. I thought you might want to have a look around with me. Racks upon racks of spring/summer clothing that have yet to hit the stores. Although it’s not thrifting, a sample sale is new clothing at whole sale prices. So it’s still a way to shop thrifty in my books. Their website outlines a lot of the brands they distribute but here’s a quick look.     What did I get you’re wondering? I picked up something I’ve been hunting for for years. A black leather jacket. More specifically, a Cupcakes and Cashmere black leather jacket. I think I was charged a little bit more than I was suppose to pay, there are two prices on all the items, and you pay the lower of the two. Although, it was still probably more than half price, so I didn’t bring it up. If you’re not familiar with Cupcakes & Cashmere, she’s a top shelf blogger, author and now clothing designer. I believe, with the help of BB Dakota, she launched a clothing line last year.  The clothing line is being sold at ShopBop  and Nordstrom. This jacket is already sold out.   On a more thrifty note, I visited a new to me Sally Ann and picked up a Zara Woman skirt. It’s from their autumn collection 2011. Not part of their Friday sale, but a steal at $6.    

 Since I showed you around the sample sale at UrbanButter, let me show you around the thrift store!      I also found these amazing Cole Hann wedges. I had a hard time leaving them but they wouldn’t stay on my feet. Although they are my size, they kept slipping off. This is probably the reason why they’re at the thrift store.    



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