Thrifted green Marc Jacob purse

Huge Spring Wardrobe Thrift Haul

So, I took a vacation. I took two days off and went to my grandmothers for her birthday. It’s so nice to take a couple days off once in a while and be around family. After working 12+ hours a day and not interacting with anyone, it was a difficult adjustment, but I really needed it. Maybe constantly working isn’t what life is all about? Duh. It’s not. It’s about thrifting. Anyways, the point is, my grandmother lives in the middle of Frenchy heaven. I hit up three while I was there, but there were so many untapped locations. I was mostly looking for a spring wardrobe, and ended up with a mix of everything. Here’s what I picked up at the Digby and ColdBrook locations on the way to grandmothers house.

                                                           Madewell dress                                            French Connection: new with tags!                                                         Born leather oxfords | $4.50                                            Tommy Hilfiger dress | $5.40                                                Victoria Secret shorts | $2.50

                                                  Victoria Secret dress | $5.40

Later that day I hit up St. Bernard Frenchys. Not pictured are the Hunter boot socks I bought for my mom. I’m not really into the whole Hunter boot craze, but for $1.95 I knew my mom would like them.

      I’m crazy over this Free People slip. She charged me $4.25 because she called it a nightie. Free People anything for $4.25 is okay in my books.                                          

This is one of my favourite finds. A Wallace by Madwell coat. From the holiday 2010 collection|$4.50

                                              Kate Spade | $1.00 Because why not.

The next day I went to Yarmouth and hit the mother load. My best thrift find to date. Please take a moment and congratulate me on this epic find. I could have gone home right then, I was done. How can you beat finding a Marc Jacobs purse? A Marc by Marc Jacobs purse! What! Here is the raw footage of it in my bin.

                                                       Marc by Marc Jacobs | $4.50  I even found the dust bag in another bin. This is the best thing I’ve ever thrifted. What’s yours?

I could have stopped, like I mentioned, but I kept going. I ain’t no fool.

                                                              Philosophy top | $3.10                                                 Tommy Hilfiger | $3.10IMG_4650                                                                Zara Trafaluc | $4.50 

Another amazing find, this Wildfox sweater| $4.50. As seen here on Dollskill for $199 USD                                                             Gap softwool | $4.50                                                    Express dress | $5.40                                                                     Gap | $5.40                                                               Tommy Hilfiger | $5.40                                                 BCBG Generation | $5.40    Saturday Sunday dress, sold at Anthropologie. New with tags | $5.40                                                            Lauren Conrad | $3.10                                             Love these JCrew sleep shorts | $1.90                                                       Coach wallet | $2.00

I was pumped to find this Mindy Kaling book. Since the latest season was just released on Netflix I’ve been bingeing on past seasons. I knew if I waited, I’d find this book second hand. I’m almost finished if you want to borrow it.  Lastly, I stopped at a tiny Frenchys and picked up this H&M tote and JCrew hoodie.

                                                                 Hoodie and tote | $5.50  


13 thoughts on “Huge Spring Wardrobe Thrift Haul

  1. coffeewithpanda says:

    Awesome finds! Just started my thrift blog. So excited to be apart of this community. Love the first dress so cute


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