consignment yard sale at Brilliant in Halifax

Consignment Sale for Charity 

My favourite consignment shop hosted their annual fundraising consignment yard sale this past weekend. All proceeds went to Litters and Critters to support animal resue. Cheap clothes for a great cause? I can get behind that, and by get behind I mean get up early to grab a place in line. I showed up an hour early and was still about 30 to 40th in line. I was bummed, but an hour later there was a good hundred or more behind me.

    I was feeling confident in my spot in line. They were only letting 30 or so people in at a time, and I got in with the first rush.

 It was mayhem! I didn’t get any good shots inside the event, clothing was sectioned by size in different rooms in bins. This was a shelf full of purses, completely ravaged by the time I got there. I did manage to snag a purse I liked and a few other things. Did I mention everything was $2? I spent $40 because I bumped my total up for charity. Let’s start with shoes.

        From top to bottom | Kors, by Michael Kor | Zara Woman | Banana Republic | Dolce Vita | Sam Edelman

Next, the purse I picked up. F by Fortuna Valentino, super soft leather. Never heard of this brand, but I’m a sucker for leather.

    I also nabbed this toss back, Marc Jacobs fragrance tote. It had buttons on it, but I took them off. I thought, for two dollars, why not? Plus it held some of my goods while I shopped.

 I tired to hunt for dresses, mainly because that’s what I primarily wear. It was hard to think with so many ladies tearing through bins. If I saw something I liked, I shoved it in my bag. Oh yeah, if you plan on going, be prepared. Bring your own bag. I have to say, even though it was madness, and every man for himself, everyone was still very polite and remembered to use their manners.

  This limited edition Banana Republic Marimekko collection dress had a busted zipper. Since its a little big, I just sewed it closed, pull it over my head. Good as new.    Free People slip dress  Tommy Hilfiger  Carmen Marc Valvo. Not sure where I’d wear this, but again, such a bargain. I’m sure I’ll find an occasion. Gap

  I love this Dex sweater. Surprised it wasn’t  scooped up. It was one of the last things I picked up.

Another favourite, this Zara Basic blazer. Once ironed, it will look super smart for the office.    Cute JCrew sweater.  The last two tops are free People.     All in all, some really great finds. It was well worth getting up early, standing in line and braving the stampede of fashionistas.


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