thrifted picture frame

The Thrift Store is my Mall

The only shopping I enjoy more than thrifting is shopping at local craft markets. It just so happens my favourite market was this weekend! I bought the cutest print, I can’t help myself, I love good wall art. The only issue is that now I need a frame. No frame? No problem! In comes my trusty thrift store to save the day. I waltzed in and found the perfect one right off the bat.  All I had to do was see past the ugly picture that was in it. I wish I had taken a before photo, but just imagine something unoriginal and generic glued to foam board.

A little muscle and $10 later my print has a home. Now all I have to do is find wall space to hang it.

 While on my way to the frame section I quickly scanned the jewellery case.  I found the cutest JCrew double necklace. Did I need it? Heck no, but it was $8.00 so instead of standing around having a mental debate I just bought it.



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