Close up of Free People dress

Thrift Recap 

I haven’t been thrifting as much lately. I’ve been focusing on purging my belongings and filling the clean, empty space I just created wasn’t something I wanted to do. No matter how much clothing I have, I still have nothing to wear, so why not get rid of some things I never reach for? This new mindset has me really considering the things I do pick up at the thrift. Here is a recap of the items I found space for.

 I really liked this JCrew blouse I found at Frenchys a couple of weekends ago. The rich blue colour stands out nicely in my beige and grey wardrobe.

   On another Frenchys hunt I found this Free People dress, new with tags. I considered keeping it, but where would I wear this? The sleeves make it impossible to pair with a sweater, so I ended up consigning it. Not exactly making space in my wardrobe, but hopefully some cash in my wallet! Suggested retail price of $125, I paid $5.50.


2 thoughts on “Thrift Recap 

  1. Look At Those Clothes! says:

    With you on the purge thing. In the last few months, have ditched bags & bags & bags of the rarely worn or too hard to manage or now-I-have-to-buy-stuff-to-go-with-that. Results: More $$ in my pockets. More breathing room in the closets. Fewer wrinkles in the clothes. Easier to get dressed for work (or whatever) and pack for travel (everything goes with everything else). Feel less materialistic. Lighter. Freer. And thrifting’s still fun: greater challenge looking for just the right things, greater rush when you find them!


    • Lesley Mailman says:

      You SO hit the nail on the head. Yes to all this, it’s so much easier to get dressed for work without all the extra stuff I would never pick in the way. Less wrinkles too! I feel so much lighter and I love the feeling. I don’t wanna go back.


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