Thrifted clear JCrew shoes

Thrift Regrets 

It happens to the best of us. You see something at a thrift store, or anywhere really, you’re not sure if you want/need it and pass it up. I tend to go a step further and take a photo of that item. Mostly to confirm at a later date that I, in fact, did not need that skirt or dress or whatever I’m currently regretting. I know me, I’m going to romanticize that ill-fitting top later and kick myself. That’s where the photo comes in. Proof it never looked good to begin with. Most of the time I make the right call, but this time I’m not so sure.

Before you all jump down my throat about how great these are… Just imagine your toes smushed up against the plastic and looking weird as hell. They weren’t painful, but they looked painful. Still, I can’t help but regret.


9 thoughts on “Thrift Regrets 

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    I have so many thrift store regrets, but then I know it’s for the best! There was a pair of shoes with a wooden heel/platform and I didn’t get them, because I knew I would slip and fall in them once I took a step. So no regrets there!

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  2. Watering Our Seeds says:

    I’ve regretted so many times leaving nice things behind in the thrift store. I’ve even convinced myself to just get it because it’s cheap. Now I have so many things at home that I didn’t really need. It’s a battle only a thrifter would understand.

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