Yard Sale boho throw pillow

Yard Sale Thrift 

Two weeks ago (I suck at this blogging thing) I stopped at a yard sale late in the day. So late in fact, that everything was going for a cool dollar. I bought a few things I didn’t need… But isn’t that what yard sale season is all about?

This woven, tassel, boho pillow was my favourite purchase… Like, ever.

I also picked up a second pillow, down filled and beige knit, super cute and cozy. This lady had good taste in pillows.
The thing I needed the least were these super cute bunny salt and pepper shakers. I just couldn’t leave them. I already have this teapot in yellow, but they’re usually expensive, and I love this brand of tea goods. It steeps loose leaf tea, which is how I prefer to purchase my tea!All in all, I spent $4 and donated a dollar to make it an even $5 total. I’d say I got a good bang for my buck.


5 thoughts on “Yard Sale Thrift 

      • vintage51 says:

        I agree, my husband and I are big garage and yard sale fiends!! He finds the best stuff and can haggle well, I just get way too excited when I find something I really like and can’t haggle worth a darn. Continued good luck to you in your finds, love your blog. Cheers, Michele

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