My New Online Thrift Store: Bunz

So, I’ve become addicted to Bunz. If you don’t know what Bunz is, that could be a good thing. It’s so addictive, especially if you’re like me. A die hard thrifter and an inspiring zero waste life styler. Okay, so I’m not really zero waste, I wish, but I’m into simple living. That includes reducing my carbon foot print and trying to only consume what I need. In comes Bunz, which is like a thrift store that you can barter for what you want! I like to post stuff I don’t need (reducing my clutter, and simplifying the visual noise in my tiny apartment) like these past Bunz trades: and ask for anything homemade such as bread, jam, sauces, Lush bath bombs and wine. Basically anything I can consume and doesn’t clutter my life. 

I’ve traded off tons of stuff I don’t miss, and most likely thrifted and received delicious soups, sauces, and most recently, stuff. Oh man, getting sucked into wanting stuff is a hard habit to break! At least I’m using the bartering system and not spending money. 

So, the deal is you post something you want to trade (gold bowl) to the app or facebook page, let people know what you’re looking for (jam) and people will post with what they want to offer you.

I’ve made some awesome trades, and some just okay trades. The thing is, I always give away something I don’t hold a huge value for, either emotionally or financially. Basically, things I would be happy to pass along to someone and get nothing in return. But guess what? I get great things in return! Check out all the things I’ve traded for.So many jams, (one is missing) and so many many wines. Everything homemade-wise has been delicious! Since I can’t tell you every single trade I’ve made, I’ll just tell you my top favs. 

I traded Odie’s gel eye drops that I got bullied into buying at the vet to prove I was a good pet owner, even though I knew he wouldn’t let me put them in.  We did get the right kind, but not until after I dropped 30 bones on this gel medicine bs. I hated to throw it out so I posted it on Bunz. A woman made me 3 loafs of bread, and gave me chow and a jar of million dollar relish (second haul photo) I only asked for one loaf of bread. 

The other trade I loved was for those true religion jeans I bought at the consignment sale, I knew they wouldn’t fit. Wishful thinking. A woman traded me a $16 chunk of lush soap and a 5 litre bag of homemade red wine! (5th haul photo) 

These are my favourite trades because they are truly things I can’t use. Someone saw value in them and traded me things I wanted that they had/had the skills to make and value very much! So what are you waiting for? Get Bunzing! 


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