Zero Waste Thrifting

After a long, hard week I decided I could use some thrifting time. I had a small list of things I wanted to find and set out. First to Value Village (I had a 30% coupon) and then the Salvation Army. I found most of the things, including 2 Marie Kondo ‘life changing magic of tidying up’ books. The woman beside me asked if I’ve read it, and she’s been wanting to find it too, then asked if she could have the other one. Of course! I’m not buying both. Happy to help someone else also find what they’re looking for. I was also looking for fliptop jars to use for buying bulk products at the Bulk Barn. I found these at the Salvation Army for $1 each. I also found two new, black Ikea tea towels $1 for both. I picked up a resable black cotton tote bag for $1.50 and a blue and white stripe tea towel for .48 cents. I didn’t need another purse, defiantly not two. But this lableless black leather bag had to come home with me. ($5.59) I love handmade looking leather bags. I also saw this cute little Roots purse. Basically it can only hold my phone and a few cards. Will be good for shopping or traveling. This was free, the cashier didn’t scan it through. I only noticed this when I got home. Oops. Sorry Value Village. It would have been $10. The last thing I picked up at Value Village was this Roots sweater ($7.69) Another oatmeal sweater to add to my basics collection! While I was hunting around the Salvation Army, I noticed a lot of Zara items that still had tags. It looks like Zara donated a buch of returns and damaged items that they couldn’t sell. I got this Zara knit sweater (regular $49) for $10. I had to sew up the arm, but it looks good as new! 


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