Thrifting For The Resellers Game

Okay, so we’ve all been there, you’re at the thrift shop and you spot something so amazing you can’t believe your eyes! How could someone donate this new with tags, last season Club Monaco trench? (Real life scenario). 

Luckily for me, the trench was in my size.  But, lots of times I’m not so lucky. The last trip to the thrift I found so many amazing pieces, I had the buy them. People sell on eBay all the time, why not me?  So when I got home I started my journey as an eBay reseller. (< click that link to view my current items!) I’m pretty excited, except I’m having more luck with the local buy and sell groups. I’m not going to give up, and keep hustling on eBay. If you have any tips for me please leave me a comment! 

Let me show you some of the things I picked up while thrifting last week at Frenchys. Buckle your seat belts! This is only a very small portion of what I bought. I wish I had taken photos along the way. My haul included a Love Moschino dress new with tags, the club Monaco trench new with tags, Givency sandals for $4.50! A Tory Burch purse (also $4.50) and Tory Burch bracelet.. the list goes on…

Wilfred free by Aritzia dress (sold)Madewell Reversible sweaterKendall + Kylie dress (sold)new with tags ($349) Current Elliot sweater, I’m on the fence about keeping so haven’t posted halogen sweater from Nordstrom, new with tags ($159) Love Moschino dress NWT size 4 so had to sell. Tory Burch resin cuff JCrew NWT ($79.50) size XL so selling  love this tank that originally was sold at Aritzia, but the brand is Azure Skies. Bought this Salvatore Feeragamo to resell, but trying to clean the suede a bit first. 

So what do you think? Please let me know if you have any tips! I’ll have to show you the things I kept in another post. 


6 thoughts on “Thrifting For The Resellers Game

  1. krisbram says:

    Our Goodwill has a special on Sundays where items with that week’s color tags are only $1, so I’ve gotten into the habit of buying items that are high quality…but now I have to get around to actually trying to sell! I prefer eBay (even with the inconvenience of shipping) over having to arrange a meeting from Craigslist (our police dept has a safe exchange zone so I feel at ease, it’s just the hassle of picking a date/time that I don’t like). Someone suggested once that doing lots was more attractive on eBay than a single item but then I feel I’m selling myself short. Have you noticed what works or what doesn’t in your item posts to help with selling?

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    • Lesley Mailman says:

      A safe exchange zone is so smart. I just spent my Saturday running around meeting people.. not ideal. I just posted things a couple days ago, I posted each thing slightly different as an experiment. My line of work is in search marketing, so I have lots of experience optimizing content. I think you just have to keep on posting, get positive reviews and build a reputation…


    • knurly says:

      Same actually! I don’t normally shop for resell on the goodwill dollar days (because I don’t list enough due to being so busy) but it’s a great place to source items. I also got a Ralph Lauren dress for pennies at a bag sale. Can’t wait to list it!


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  2. Hadassah S. says:

    I’ve never resold anything, but I have been looking into the whole Poshmark thing right now. I think it’d be so cool to go into Goodwill, get things for cheap, and make a profit, but as of right now, I just don’t have time to do it! 😛
    Have you ever done Poshmark, or are you just on Ebay? I’ve been looking into it and trying to find the best ways to do it + the best people to ask. 😀

    ~Hadassah ❤

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