My Thrifted Closet

Thrifted walkin closet I’ve always wanted a closet full of clothing hung on wooden hangers, like a fancy boutique. The price outweighed that desire so my closet goal was never reached. That is until I happened upon this amazing deal, 20 hangers for $12! Of course I already had hangers… lots of hangers, but I couldn’t pass up these wooden lovelies. As you can see, I purchased quite a few packs, probably more than I needed.

Most of my clothing, shoes and baskets pictured above are thrifted. Actually, most of the wicker basket I have in my closet I found on the curb. Free – the ultimate thriftiness!

I’ve been really trying hard lately to reduce the amount of clothing I own. Even though it’s mainly thrifted, and therefore not terribly expensive, I feel like I have too much (and never anything to wear!) This is why I haven’t been blogging. Instead of thrifting, I’ve been selling off my wardrobe! As for the old hangers, I sold those off too!


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