Yard Sale Season is Here

Yard sale season is finally here, and I saw a post on Instagram that there was a community street sale near me. It’s so much better to yard sale when there’s a larger group participating, you can walk from one cute front step to the other. Since I found out about this yard sale on Instagram, here is my instastory photos of my haul!

I ended up getting a few things for free like the microwave popcorn maker, which I’ve been wanting, and a white ceramic lantern that will look cute on my balcony. I was also given a local print that was made for Nocturn a few years ago, and have always liked it. I was more than happy to take one. My total yard sale spend was $22.25. I paid $10 for the WILCO tour poster in frame, $5 for all the lovely Eco-friendly bric-a-brac, $5 for the metal clothes drying rack (pictured but hard to see because it’s boring) .25 cents for the Christmas Starbucks mug, and $2 for the floating frame to put my free print in.


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