The Best of Fall Thrift Haul

I’ve been a bad thrift blogger. I’m sorry, but let me make it up to you! A few weeks ago I scored a huge thrift haul, and instead of blogging, I put it all away. Shame on me, I know. Let me show you my two favourite pieces. They both happen to be from the crapist looking thrift store in Yarmouth, N.S. Classic don’t judge a book by its cover.

First, this Madewell sweater. It looks brand new, and perfect for fall. I would have totally picked this out at the actual store, or online. I love anything Madewell, but it’s hard to find at the thrift store. Making this cozy fall sweater, absolutely perfect! 

madewell sweater  madewell sweaterNext, this London Fog wallet. It’s brand new and one of those things you buy that turn out to be more useful than you expected. I love the pockets on the outside, and it can fit my phone, lipstick, earbuds, tiny perfume, whatever I need. It’s the perfect size to throw in my larger totes and purses.  

grey london fog wallet  grey london fog walletTotal thrift price: about $5.50. Can’t beat that! Life Moto: never pay retail achieved! 



My Favourite Thrift Store

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be passing by my favourite Frenchy’s thrift store. I always find something better than what I expect and It never disappoints. It’s the perfect relationship.   

      Surprisingly, I didn’t find any dresses, which is always my main goal while thrifting but, I did pick up some great things. First, and my favourite, is this Free People tote. Given out free with purchase at retail stores, It’s become my go-to beach carry people tote I’m obsessed with the pattern of this Ralph Lauren sweater. Although not really appropriate for this time of year, I look forward to wearing it come fall and another favourite find from the day.ralph lauren aztec sweater   dark grey urban outfitters sweater  This Urban Outfitters sweater was too cute to pass up. I know, I know, it’s a winter wool sweater. I had no business picking this up, but just look at the sleeve detail. It’s also cropped a bit and will pair well with sleeveless dresses to “winterize” them. Clearly, I needed it.     Say hello to my first romper. Much like a winter sweater, my body has no business wearing a romper, like ever. This cute stripped number from the Gap will make a great lounge around the house piece to add to my lazy sloth lady collection. grey striped gap onesie  One more winter item, I swear. This tube neck scarf was found in the skirt bin. Skirt bin? C’mon Frenchy… Skirt for my neck maybe. It’s new with tags, originally from Old Navy and retailed for $19.94. I love these types of scarfs, I’ll be glad I bought it when winter rears its cold, ugly head. old navy neck scarf  Some people might find this weird, or gross.. I mean, you’re reading a blog about second hand clothing, so likely not. Either way, I really like this cotton Nike sports bra. I just signed up for the gym again, so maybe new gym clothes will motivate me? pink Nike sports bra   pink nike sports bra  Lastly, new fuzzy Liz Claiborne socks! I love wearing these super soft ‘reading socks’ at night. Nice and cozy and you always need new socks, right? liz clarborne pink striped socks My whole haul was $25.70. 

Summer Thrift  

Just a quick Frenchy’s haul. A thrift trip dedicated to style over brand. Express is cheap, but this dress was new, colourful, and a fun flowy weekend frock. So I went for it.    I picked up this shirt strictly to pair with that pink Gap skirt I thrifted in the last haul. Not sure how I feel about it, but it was only $3.95  The total damage was $9ish. I’ve already worn the dress a lot, so I’m glad I didn’t pass it over because of the brand. 

Thrifting my Heart Out 

There is nothing better than stumbling upon a thrift store you had no idea existed. Okay, maybe that just applies to me, but this past weekend that very thing happened! I turned a corner and there it was, do my eyes deceive me? Can this be real? How can a Frenchy’s exist within 100 miles of my vicinity and I’m unaware? It was a large location in Amherst and in it I found a few summer pieces my wardrobe needed.   pink Gap Paisley skirtThis Gap a-line skirt is the perfect length, not to mention light and breezy for summer. A steal at $4.50   H&M hate heart sweater H&M hate heart sweater  I don’t know why, but I love this H&M kitschy hate-heart sweater. I had to have it for $4.50. It’s my new favourite sweater!Forever 21 beige kimono This flowy Forever 21 kimono looks really cute on. I don’t normally thrift these types of cheaper brands, but if you like something… No matter the brand name… Buy it! This is something I’m constantly trying to put into practice when thrifting. Cheap brand or not, it was only $3.95. I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth.michael kors yellow tank michael kors yellow tank close up  I don’t wear a lot of tops, let alone tops that are in bright colours but I couldn’t resist this Michael Kors one. With a gold mini zipper detail, I think it will be a new staple in my summer wardrobe.banana repulic black tshirt  Of course I was going to pick up this Banana Republic black basic T. The lace overlay and mini zipper detail on the back give it a little something extra. Plus the $3.95 price tag doesn’t hurt.

thrifted denium

Come Thrifting With Me… Again!

This weekend I found myself near one of my favourite Frenchys. Luckily, I planned for this and factored in an extra hour for searching through piles of clothes into my day. An hour sounds like a lot of time, but in a Frenchys it goes by in the blink of an eye! I searched the dresses, coats and bottoms. Come check it out with me… Again!

dresses at guys frenchys   So many beautiful dresses, why can’t they all be in my size?  This flowery number is from Madewell. My heart sank when I saw it was a size 4. Can’t win ’em all!

Here are a few things I found, tired on, passed up and bought.

green jcrew coat and dress  thrifting at guys frenchys   thrifted black and white polka dot skirt   thrifted black and white target skirt 2013

thrifted jcrew green coatI really like this J Crew coat looking at the photo and sadly it might be another thrift regret as I didn’t purchase it! It’s not exactly long coat weather, and honestly, not to brag, but a lot of coats look good on me. If I picked up every jacket that I rocked, I’d be drowning in coats.

Let’s look to the lighter side of thrifting with the treasures I found and went home with!

thrifted burgundy stripped free people tshirt dressThis Free People Beach dress is new with tags. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or consign it. It was $5.50 with an original retail price of $78.00 thrifted black and white target shirt 2013  thrifted black and white target shirt 2013Although this is just a skirt from Target (Mossimo circa 2013) I love it! Especially the rose gold accent zipper in the back. The material is amazing,  slightly like scuba material and looks new. thrifted paige denim jimmy jimmy shorts I found shorts! Against all odds I found shorts! I have a love/hate relationship with them, but shorts are a necessary evil. I hate them, so I would never pay retail, but I love them on those super hot days. The distressed pair are from Forever 21 and the grey shorts are Paige denim (jimmy jimmy short retail price $149 USD). I also picked up an Old Navy denim skirt because, why not. You need a denim skirt. I also found these patterned tights that reminded me of the Free People tights as seen on Pinterest. These ones are originally from Envy Clothing. Total Frenchy’s damage: $30



Close up of Free People dress

Thrift Recap 

I haven’t been thrifting as much lately. I’ve been focusing on purging my belongings and filling the clean, empty space I just created wasn’t something I wanted to do. No matter how much clothing I have, I still have nothing to wear, so why not get rid of some things I never reach for? This new mindset has me really considering the things I do pick up at the thrift. Here is a recap of the items I found space for.

 I really liked this JCrew blouse I found at Frenchys a couple of weekends ago. The rich blue colour stands out nicely in my beige and grey wardrobe.

   On another Frenchys hunt I found this Free People dress, new with tags. I considered keeping it, but where would I wear this? The sleeves make it impossible to pair with a sweater, so I ended up consigning it. Not exactly making space in my wardrobe, but hopefully some cash in my wallet! Suggested retail price of $125, I paid $5.50.

Thrifted green Marc Jacob purse

Huge Spring Wardrobe Thrift Haul

So, I took a vacation. I took two days off and went to my grandmothers for her birthday. It’s so nice to take a couple days off once in a while and be around family. After working 12+ hours a day and not interacting with anyone, it was a difficult adjustment, but I really needed it. Maybe constantly working isn’t what life is all about? Duh. It’s not. It’s about thrifting. Anyways, the point is, my grandmother lives in the middle of Frenchy heaven. I hit up three while I was there, but there were so many untapped locations. I was mostly looking for a spring wardrobe, and ended up with a mix of everything. Here’s what I picked up at the Digby and ColdBrook locations on the way to grandmothers house.

                                                           Madewell dress                                            French Connection: new with tags!                                                         Born leather oxfords | $4.50                                            Tommy Hilfiger dress | $5.40                                                Victoria Secret shorts | $2.50

                                                  Victoria Secret dress | $5.40

Later that day I hit up St. Bernard Frenchys. Not pictured are the Hunter boot socks I bought for my mom. I’m not really into the whole Hunter boot craze, but for $1.95 I knew my mom would like them.

      I’m crazy over this Free People slip. She charged me $4.25 because she called it a nightie. Free People anything for $4.25 is okay in my books.                                          

This is one of my favourite finds. A Wallace by Madwell coat. From the holiday 2010 collection|$4.50

                                              Kate Spade | $1.00 Because why not.

The next day I went to Yarmouth and hit the mother load. My best thrift find to date. Please take a moment and congratulate me on this epic find. I could have gone home right then, I was done. How can you beat finding a Marc Jacobs purse? A Marc by Marc Jacobs purse! What! Here is the raw footage of it in my bin.

                                                       Marc by Marc Jacobs | $4.50  I even found the dust bag in another bin. This is the best thing I’ve ever thrifted. What’s yours?

I could have stopped, like I mentioned, but I kept going. I ain’t no fool.

                                                              Philosophy top | $3.10                                                 Tommy Hilfiger | $3.10IMG_4650                                                                Zara Trafaluc | $4.50 

Another amazing find, this Wildfox sweater| $4.50. As seen here on Dollskill for $199 USD                                                             Gap softwool | $4.50                                                    Express dress | $5.40                                                                     Gap | $5.40                                                               Tommy Hilfiger | $5.40                                                 BCBG Generation | $5.40    Saturday Sunday dress, sold at Anthropologie. New with tags | $5.40                                                            Lauren Conrad | $3.10                                             Love these JCrew sleep shorts | $1.90                                                       Coach wallet | $2.00

I was pumped to find this Mindy Kaling book. Since the latest season was just released on Netflix I’ve been bingeing on past seasons. I knew if I waited, I’d find this book second hand. I’m almost finished if you want to borrow it.  Lastly, I stopped at a tiny Frenchys and picked up this H&M tote and JCrew hoodie.

                                                                 Hoodie and tote | $5.50