Value Village Thrift Haul

Today I had planned to go on a hike, but Mother Nature changed the plans a bit. Instead, we spent a rainy afternoon searching through racks at Value Village’s 50% off sale. First, I picked up this Cheap Monday wool sweater dress ($4.50). The style is called “Oregon” and I love it. Next, and not very exciting, is this black Zara knit cardigan ($5.50). Always need a black cardigan.  I also found this super soft (and tagless) scarf vest thing ($4.50). I think it will be easy to dress up.Next up, this leather purse! I do not need more purses, but this The Sak purse was buttery soft and I really liked the details. Plus it was only $5.00. So why even bother resisting. Next, and I think my favourite, are these pink woven espadrilles from J Crew. They only cost me a cool $2.00. Lastly, I picked up a few non-sale items. Jewellery for the holiday season. And of course, a plant pot for $3.00 because I always need a good plant pot.Total damage: $33.83 


Quick Value Village Thrift Trip 

I really wanted a large wicker plant pot. I’ve visited IKEA a lot lately since it opened, and every time I eye ball the wicker pots and every time I walk away empty handed. It’s something I don’t really need, so I don’t feel like I can spend $30 on it. $2.99 is right around what I want to spend.  This is probably a waste basket but repurposing is one of my favourite things!I also bought this cute little ‘makers of wax goods‘ candle. I’ve been burning a lot of candles lately too, so for $1, why not. Their candles are nice.

Rise & Shine

I did a little simple thrifting this weekend.  No clothes at Frenchy’s, but did score this mug for 50 cents from cute couple company Morning Culture (originally $16 USD).  On the way back to the city I stopped into Value Village and found this butter crock. I always wanted one, hopefully it lives up to the soft butter hype. 

thrifted picture frame

The Thrift Store is my Mall

The only shopping I enjoy more than thrifting is shopping at local craft markets. It just so happens my favourite market was this weekend! I bought the cutest print, I can’t help myself, I love good wall art. The only issue is that now I need a frame. No frame? No problem! In comes my trusty thrift store to save the day. I waltzed in and found the perfect one right off the bat.  All I had to do was see past the ugly picture that was in it. I wish I had taken a before photo, but just imagine something unoriginal and generic glued to foam board.

A little muscle and $10 later my print has a home. Now all I have to do is find wall space to hang it.

 While on my way to the frame section I quickly scanned the jewellery case.  I found the cutest JCrew double necklace. Did I need it? Heck no, but it was $8.00 so instead of standing around having a mental debate I just bought it.


Trip Thrifting

I’m hopping on a plane and taking a little trip in a couple of days, so of course this calls for new clothes right? In true frugal fashion I headed to the thrift shop. First, bringing some unwanted things to donate.   I found some awesome things, but only went home with a couple of them.


I didn’t get a good photo of this black Kenneth  Cole leather jacket, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I left it. It quickly found its way into someone else’s basket.  This scarf was a little too small for my wall tapestry idea, but it was so pretty. Sadly, another leave behind.

What I did end up taking home was this Zara Woman dress, it was $6.99 and from Zara’s Spring collection a couple years ago. I’m crazy about it. I mean, check out that lace detail. 

I picked up this Mexican blanket because it was only $3. I couldn’t leave it behind. I hope this isn’t the start of a blanket collection. If that can be a thing.

I was actually searching for a picture frame, so next stop, Value Village! You know what? I didn’t find one, but I found a couple other things.

A wall tapestry! Hurray! Okay, more like a big scarf, but who cares. I wanted a solid, vibrant scarf, couldn’t find one large enough so I settled on this for $2.99. It’s draped over a canvas, but I’m planning on putting it up full length.

I was hunting for a bucket bag, but I couldn’t pass up this Phillip Lim for Target brief case style purse ($7.99). The clasp was a little loose, nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix. Shout out to super glue!

I didn’t find everything I was looking for but left with some unexpected gems. All in all, a successful weekend thrift haul!

A Quick Thrift Trip 

I went to Value Village this morning, I had a 30% coupon and I was right around the corner, so I thought.. Why not? I didn’t pick up any clothes, but I want to be honest with you – I think I might have too much clothing. It’s a hard truth to face, but I might almost be to the point where I can acknowledge this. Almost. Don’t hold me to that.

I picked up some Bath and Body Works products; both new. I’m not sure what the scrub smells like, I haven’t opened it but the candle smells so good I could eat it. Both were $2This Michael Kors tote is new, It probably was a freebie with something, but I love totes – so I had to have it for $2 Lastly, I finally found one of those Mexican woven blankets.  I’ve had my eyes peeled for one of these for a while.  This one is for the back seat of my car for the dog. He’s a stylish pup, and a thrifty one!  The blanket was only $3.50