Thrift in Use

I bought these Minnetoka moccasins at Frenchy’s the last time I was there (along with a couple other items I’ll post later). I took these slippers camping with me this past weekend and I love them. I love moccasins, and have a pretty great collection, but I’ll always welcome more! Especially when they’re $2.75.Minnetonka moccasinsMinnetonka moccasins


Thrift with Purpose

It’s been a long, tiring week. One of those weeks when you reach the end and you’re like… who am I? Where am I? What’s going on? That being said, I needed to get back to my roots. My thrifting roots! I got off work early and headed straight to the thrift store. I’ll be moving soon, and have been trying to live simply, meaning less clutter. This is hard for a thrifter. It feels like two different ideals fighting against each other. That’s why I try to be really picky with my purchases. This trip I found a lot of nice stuff but only picked up one piece of clothing.This H&M swing dress is like new and although it’s fast fashion, I really liked the pattern and how new it is. I also picked up a canvas tote for grocery shopping and these cute carved wooden spoons. My total was $11. 

Yard Sale Season

This morning I stumbled upon a couple yard sales on the way to brunch. I got this Davids Tea mug for 50 cents and this Paderno baking sheet for $4 

Tree Davids Tea mugWhite Paderno baking sheetNext, I went to Value Village for their 50% off day, I only found this Victoria Secret kimono. It was a free gift this past February when you bought two bras. I’ve been a little VS crazy lately, so I was in the frame of mind for robes! This one is especially cute and on theme for Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday. Red and white hearts Victoria secret kimonoValentine's Day Victoria secret kimono

My Last Bunz Trades

Well, as expected, my love for Bunz has died off a bit. People flaking on trades, not showing up, no follow through, etc. A small portion could be attributed to the fact that it’s time consuming to meet up with people, and I’m kinda over driving across town to trade a plant for a jar of jam. We all know I have enough jam. Here are my last Bunz trades. I’m sure I’ll go back to it, but for now, I think I’ll stick to thrifting. 

Recent Bunz Trades

Recently, I made some sweet trades on my beloved Bunz. I traded an old MEC jacket that was too small for me now, and a plant for this new, super cute Longchamp tote! Orange would not have been my first choice, but it’s growing on me, I love it! Orange Longchamp toteOn another trade, I got this gray laptop sleeve for a set of Urban Outfitter earrings I was done with. I really disliked the one I had, and wanted one of these felted grey case for awhile. I’m really happy with my trades so far, and wanted to share these two. I think the Longchamp trade is my best trade yet! 

My New Online Thrift Store: Bunz

So, I’ve become addicted to Bunz. If you don’t know what Bunz is, that could be a good thing. It’s so addictive, especially if you’re like me. A die hard thrifter and an inspiring zero waste life styler. Okay, so I’m not really zero waste, I wish, but I’m into simple living. That includes reducing my carbon foot print and trying to only consume what I need. In comes Bunz, which is like a thrift store that you can barter for what you want! I like to post stuff I don’t need (reducing my clutter, and simplifying the visual noise in my tiny apartment) like these past Bunz trades: and ask for anything homemade such as bread, jam, sauces, Lush bath bombs and wine. Basically anything I can consume and doesn’t clutter my life. 

I’ve traded off tons of stuff I don’t miss, and most likely thrifted and received delicious soups, sauces, and most recently, stuff. Oh man, getting sucked into wanting stuff is a hard habit to break! At least I’m using the bartering system and not spending money. 

So, the deal is you post something you want to trade (gold bowl) to the app or facebook page, let people know what you’re looking for (jam) and people will post with what they want to offer you.

I’ve made some awesome trades, and some just okay trades. The thing is, I always give away something I don’t hold a huge value for, either emotionally or financially. Basically, things I would be happy to pass along to someone and get nothing in return. But guess what? I get great things in return! Check out all the things I’ve traded for.So many jams, (one is missing) and so many many wines. Everything homemade-wise has been delicious! Since I can’t tell you every single trade I’ve made, I’ll just tell you my top favs. 

I traded Odie’s gel eye drops that I got bullied into buying at the vet to prove I was a good pet owner, even though I knew he wouldn’t let me put them in.  We did get the right kind, but not until after I dropped 30 bones on this gel medicine bs. I hated to throw it out so I posted it on Bunz. A woman made me 3 loafs of bread, and gave me chow and a jar of million dollar relish (second haul photo) I only asked for one loaf of bread. 

The other trade I loved was for those true religion jeans I bought at the consignment sale, I knew they wouldn’t fit. Wishful thinking. A woman traded me a $16 chunk of lush soap and a 5 litre bag of homemade red wine! (5th haul photo) 

These are my favourite trades because they are truly things I can’t use. Someone saw value in them and traded me things I wanted that they had/had the skills to make and value very much! So what are you waiting for? Get Bunzing! 

Consignment Store Thrift Fundraiser Event  

This weekend was my third time attending Brilliant’s second hand clothing fundraiser event. Everything at the event was $2. There were Hunter boots, Michael Kores Totes, Lululemon everything, of course that’s what people were in line for. Every year it seems to get more and more crazy, I heard people were in line at 4:30 am! That’s too much for me, I got there an hour early to stand in this line…Consignment thrift store event Consignment thrift store event Yeah, it was as cold as it looks. I thought my toes were going to freeze off! I stuck it out though and picked up some great things! Not sure it was worth it, but you can let me know. Thrifter cole haan sandals Cole Haan pink sandalsThrifted brown leather Stuart WeitzmanStuart Weitzman leather sandals Thrifted pink free purple dressFree People dress, new with tags Beige Lululemon top Lululemon topThrifted free people orange topFree People Thrifted purple free people sweaterFree People Thrifted brown leather roots purseLeather Roots bag for my mom Green leather thrifted Kenneth Cole purse Leather Kenneth Cole purse Thrifted true religion jeans True Religion jeans that don’t fit 😂