Zero Waste Thrifting

After a long, hard week I decided I could use some thrifting time. I had a small list of things I wanted to find and set out. First to Value Village (I had a 30% coupon) and then the Salvation Army. I found most of the things, including 2 Marie Kondo ‘life changing magic of tidying up’ books. The woman beside me asked if I’ve read it, and she’s been wanting to find it too, then asked if she could have the other one. Of course! I’m not buying both. Happy to help someone else also find what they’re looking for. I was also looking for fliptop jars to use for buying bulk products at the Bulk Barn. I found these at the Salvation Army for $1 each. I also found two new, black Ikea tea towels $1 for both. I picked up a resable black cotton tote bag for $1.50 and a blue and white stripe tea towel for .48 cents. I didn’t need another purse, defiantly not two. But this lableless black leather bag had to come home with me. ($5.59) I love handmade looking leather bags. I also saw this cute little Roots purse. Basically it can only hold my phone and a few cards. Will be good for shopping or traveling. This was free, the cashier didn’t scan it through. I only noticed this when I got home. Oops. Sorry Value Village. It would have been $10. The last thing I picked up at Value Village was this Roots sweater ($7.69) Another oatmeal sweater to add to my basics collection! While I was hunting around the Salvation Army, I noticed a lot of Zara items that still had tags. It looks like Zara donated a buch of returns and damaged items that they couldn’t sell. I got this Zara knit sweater (regular $49) for $10. I had to sew up the arm, but it looks good as new! 


Home Goods Thrift Haul

I initially went to the thrift store to find candles to fit a votive a friend gave me. I did find some, plus a bag of IKEA tea lights but that’s boring. Let’s talk about the other things I found while I was there! First off is this Friendship patterned refrigerator dish. I’ve pretty much stopped my vintage Pyrex addiction, but what’s one more for old times sake? Friendship pattern Pyrex Vintage Pyrex – $5.99

Next thing I didn’t need was this little Betsy Johnson makeup bag. I love the cream and black sorta polka dot pattern. I only picked it up because it was .69 cents Betsy Johnson black and cream makeup bagLastly I found this fabric swatch of barns of Nova Scotia by Kat Frick Miller. I love locally made things, and I’m always lusting over Kat’s tea towels at craft markets. I’m going to finish the edges and maybe use it? It might be too pretty to use. Originally her tea towels are $25. I got this one for $1.49. Kat frick miller barns of Nova Scotia tea towel If you want to check out other work by Kat, here’s a link to her Instagram page. Kat frick miller instagram

Also, I had a 10% coupon, so my total thrift cost was around $11.00. Locally made items plus vintage Pyrex at thrifty prices are my favourite things! 

Thrifty Life

I try very hard to be aware of my purchases and ask myself ‘do I really need this?’no matter what I’m shopping for. This year I’m continuing to working towards purging my life down to the bare minimum. Over this Christmas break I’ve sold, donated and traded away so many things. Great stuff that I wasn’t using, or had a place somewhere in my home and therefor went unnoticed. I have tons of room since moving into a bigger place, but that doesn’t mean I want to fill it. That being said, I went to the thrift store today. I went to donate unwanted clothing and of course I found some treasures while I was there. I love tote bags and use them constantly. It’s one thing I’ll let myself buy a bunch of. Beauty + function, you can’t ask for more. I really like this Mendocino tote, and I think it was 50 cents.  I found this new Bath & Bodyworks peppermint scented candle for $2.00. I love Bath & Bodyworks, and I love it even more when I can find it at the thrift store.My favourite score was this little marble salt box. ($2.00) I’m not sure what I’m going to put in it, maybe spices? Salt?  I didn’t need it, but I love it.

Thrifting on Vacation

I was in San Francisco recently and found myself near the Goodwill and consignment shops Buffalo Exchange, and Wasteland. I tired to be really picky since I was traveling, but I can never say no to Madewell. Not to mention Madewell was one of my top shopping stops while in California. I found a dress for half off ($3.50) at Goodwill and a denim top at Buffalo Exchange for $16. This is inside the Buffalo Exchange on Haight St. I bought my denim shirt here, wish more shoes were in my size! Wasteland was a little more upscale and prices were a little too rich for my Canadian blood. Madewell dress from Goodwill ($3.50)Madewell denim top ($16) 

Thrift Therapy 

I needed some retail therapy the other day, so I made my way to my friendly neighbourhood thrift store. First, I found this midi Urban Outfitters dress (ecote $7.00). I love the length (something rare for a UO dress to have) and the cute cross-cross detail on the sides which you probably can’t see. Also, I found another Chemex! A little baby mini three cupper for $2.00. Can’t say no to these and have decided to start a collection.I love these Club Monaco wrap brackets. This turquoise one is a nice addition to my collection!  (Another *cheap* collection in the making $1.00) Thrifting really brightens my day when I’m feeling down. It’s like going on a modern day treasure hunt for the things you love. Even better when you find a score!  After this thrifty therapy session I was feeling recharged (and ready to do some laundry). 

Value Village Thrift Haul

Today I had planned to go on a hike, but Mother Nature changed the plans a bit. Instead, we spent a rainy afternoon searching through racks at Value Village’s 50% off sale. First, I picked up this Cheap Monday wool sweater dress ($4.50). The style is called “Oregon” and I love it. Next, and not very exciting, is this black Zara knit cardigan ($5.50). Always need a black cardigan.  I also found this super soft (and tagless) scarf vest thing ($4.50). I think it will be easy to dress up.Next up, this leather purse! I do not need more purses, but this The Sak purse was buttery soft and I really liked the details. Plus it was only $5.00. So why even bother resisting. Next, and I think my favourite, are these pink woven espadrilles from J Crew. They only cost me a cool $2.00. Lastly, I picked up a few non-sale items. Jewellery for the holiday season. And of course, a plant pot for $3.00 because I always need a good plant pot.Total damage: $33.83