Thrift Therapy 

I needed some retail therapy the other day, so I made my way to my friendly neighbourhood thrift store. First, I found this midi Urban Outfitters dress (ecote $7.00). I love the length (something rare for a UO dress to have) and the cute cross-cross detail on the sides which you probably can’t see. Also, I found another Chemex! A little baby mini three cupper for $2.00. Can’t say no to these and have decided to start a collection.I love these Club Monaco wrap brackets. This turquoise one is a nice addition to my collection!  (Another *cheap* collection in the making $1.00) Thrifting really brightens my day when I’m feeling down. It’s like going on a modern day treasure hunt for the things you love. Even better when you find a score!  After this thrifty therapy session I was feeling recharged (and ready to do some laundry). 


Value Village Thrift Haul

Today I had planned to go on a hike, but Mother Nature changed the plans a bit. Instead, we spent a rainy afternoon searching through racks at Value Village’s 50% off sale. First, I picked up this Cheap Monday wool sweater dress ($4.50). The style is called “Oregon” and I love it. Next, and not very exciting, is this black Zara knit cardigan ($5.50). Always need a black cardigan.  I also found this super soft (and tagless) scarf vest thing ($4.50). I think it will be easy to dress up.Next up, this leather purse! I do not need more purses, but this The Sak purse was buttery soft and I really liked the details. Plus it was only $5.00. So why even bother resisting. Next, and I think my favourite, are these pink woven espadrilles from J Crew. They only cost me a cool $2.00. Lastly, I picked up a few non-sale items. Jewellery for the holiday season. And of course, a plant pot for $3.00 because I always need a good plant pot.Total damage: $33.83 

Quick Value Village Thrift Trip 

I really wanted a large wicker plant pot. I’ve visited IKEA a lot lately since it opened, and every time I eye ball the wicker pots and every time I walk away empty handed. It’s something I don’t really need, so I don’t feel like I can spend $30 on it. $2.99 is right around what I want to spend.  This is probably a waste basket but repurposing is one of my favourite things!I also bought this cute little ‘makers of wax goods‘ candle. I’ve been burning a lot of candles lately too, so for $1, why not. Their candles are nice.

Saturday Thrift Shopping Adventures

I went thrifting to kill some time this weekend and try to boost my fall/winter wardrobe. I only found one item worth bringing home, but I love it. This Henri Bendel Classics 100% merino wool 3 quarter length cropped sweater. $3.99What I left behind and regret is this mid-century modern looking record cabinet. I’m going to try and go back for it Monday.. but I totall regret not buying it right away. We all make mistakes. Cross your fingers for me 

New to You 

I moved into a condo building recently and in one of the common spaces there is a ‘New to You’ shelf. I love leaving stuff I don’t want, but I also love checking out what other people have left behind. One of my favourites is this Umbra picture frame from the prisma collection. Umbra picture frame prisms collection I filled it with photos of my trip toEl Cosmico