Frenchy’s, Goodwill & Salvation Army Finds

Over the past few weeks I’ve stopped by a few thrift stores. First was Frenchy’s while visiting my grandmother in Weymouth. I found a Madewell silk blouse for $3.95 and a Kipling one strap, drawstring purse for $1.25! Small but mighty scores. Kipling oxygen drawstring purseYesterday I swung by the Salvation Army and picked up this GAP, indigo denim wrap dress for $11.99. I don’t usually thrift GAP clothing because honestly, I can’t resell it. But this dress was really nice. Soon my wardrobe will be 100% denim and I won’t be mad. Madewell pink silk blouse Although I’ve made many promises to myself that I wouldn’t thrift anymore mugs, I had to pick up this Starbucks one. I just had to. It was 99 cents and double walked so no burnt hands! How can you turn down that deal?Starbucks metal mug 2017 Lastly I ran into Goodwill real quick to take a peek. I found a VELVET military jacket for $8.99. Jackets are something else I don’t need more of (insert excuse here) I got it anyway. At least it has good resell value. VELVET military green jacket The last thing I got, again, do I really need this, was a Disney Parks authentic woven sun hat ($3.99). I’m a sucker for Disney Parks merch. I’ve got a few Disney trips planned in my future. I’m sure one will include this hat Disney parks authentic woven hatIt was pretty smooshed, all I had to do was wash it, stuff the hat to keep its form, spray it with starch spray (think hairspray for garments) and then lay flat to dry. Good as new!

Total: $31.93 tax incl.


Thrift in Use

I bought these Minnetoka moccasins at Frenchy’s the last time I was there (along with a couple other items I’ll post later). I took these slippers camping with me this past weekend and I love them. I love moccasins, and have a pretty great collection, but I’ll always welcome more! Especially when they’re $2.75.Minnetonka moccasinsMinnetonka moccasins

Free People Thrift

Free people embellished dressFree people embellished dressI picked up this cute, embellished Free People dress the other weekend at Frenchy’s. I was on the fence about it mostly because there is still snow on the ground. It will be forever until I get to throw it on and feel that warm summer sun. Maybe I won’t like it when summer rolls around, but for $5.50 I decided not to worry about it. Did I mention it has pockets? 

Rise & Shine

I did a little simple thrifting this weekend.  No clothes at Frenchy’s, but did score this mug for 50 cents from cute couple company Morning Culture (originally $16 USD).  On the way back to the city I stopped into Value Village and found this butter crock. I always wanted one, hopefully it lives up to the soft butter hype.